Budget: Basic Rules for Shopping on a Budget

Budget Gifts Guide aims to help you get the best gift for your money. This article we discuss some commonly used tips and pointers by smart-shoppers so as to get the most out of their money. You could end up saving anywhere between 10-40% of the marked price if you follow these pointers. You could possibly utilize the money to enhance your gift’s appearance or supplement your gift with another smaller well-thought of gift.

Fix Your Budget

Unless you are filthy rich keep in mind that you have limited resources. Try to fix a budget or rather fix a budget range. Always keep a 10-20% ± range above and below your budget to be slightly flexible. Remember a gift may even cost a fraction of the entire cost, and you can use the remaining of the money to amplify the gift’s appearance or supplement it with accessories. For example, if your budget is going to be 50$ be flexible between 40$-60$ (20%).

Account for Other Expenses

You will often encounter other expenses while shopping for the gift. When buying online keep in mind there might be shipping charges. Keep in mind that stores as well as certain online retailers charge tax. Also keep in mind that you should leave some money for the presentation of the gift, i.e. gift wrappings, labels, cards etc.

Do Your Research and Plan

As we have mentioned earlier Budget Gifts Guide expects you to know about the ones you love. This will help you choose a good gift which they will appreciate better and will also help you to know them better. Also remember to find the best gift in that category. Do your research about the gift as well. Plan ahead so that you can find the cheapest source of the gift. Read our timeline for gifting to get an idea of scheduling the gift.

Search Online

The internet has become a very useful accomplice for shopping. When purchasing gifts, it is a great place to search for competitive prices. While one seller might be selling the article at one price, another one might have a special deal on the same object for a much cheaper price. You might end up saving a lot of money by shopping online. Online prices are often cheaper than store prices as they can give further discounts since they do not have to spend as much on real-estate and store maintenance. Thus it is best to check the price online even for objects that are available in the store.

That being said, every seller online is not good. What it means is that you should not buy online unless the store is well reputed. Check out some of the well reputed online stores to find the best gifts which you are looking for. Also read our guide of how to search for a particular object online to find out how you can get reviews about sellers.

Try to Buy On Holidays or Weekends

Most stores have special deals on weekends as well as on holidays. If you plan a gift in advance it would allow you to buy the gift at a sale price from stores. Planning ahead is always beneficial and one should read about the appropriate timeline for a gift in order to determine how early one should start to get the best deal.

Find Coupon Codes

Most retailers sell their goods at a high marked price (especially clothing stores). These prices are generally not worth paying. It is best to find coupon codes online to get maximum discounts on items.

All you need to do is go to Google and search for “(store name/website) coupon code” replacing the (store name/website) with the shop or website where you are going to make the purchase. When you are going to buy in-store add the phrase “(store name/website) coupon code in-store” or “(store name/website) printable coupon codes” to your search so as to get printable coupons for in-store use”. You will get a list of coupon code websites where you can find the latest deals on the site. Simply find the coupon which would give you the most savings and apply it in your check out or print it for in-store discounts. Do check the expiration of coupon codes for printable coupons to avoid going to the store and finding out that the coupon has expired. Most coupon codes online have an expiry as well.

You should also check out deals2buy.com and 1saleaday.com as these websites give special daily offers and coupons. Some retailers even give out free shipping coupon codes which can help you bring down the overall cost.


Following the above steps will definitely save you significant amounts of money and allow you to get a very good gift within your budget. If you utilize the techniques and it helps you remember to share this page with others on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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