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Keeping in mind that our website, Budget Gifts Guide, is just a source of gift ideas, the application of the  information presented here is of more importance. However, in order to properly apply the ideas from our website, you need to know the person to whom you are giving the gift and you need to learn about the gift as well. We do not imply that you go spying on your loved ones, but it is important to just notice certain points about them.

There are always some people who you know thoroughly what they want, and what they like; while there are others who you have no idea about. This article will help you decide the best gift or at least the best category of gift for those whom you know little about, as well as perfectly aim for a gift for those whom you know. For this we have made up a simple questionnaire below which you should fill out on a piece of paper that will help you match the correct gift for the correct person.

Basic Questions

A few basic questions which you need to ask in order to begin are the following:

1. What is the gender of the gift recipient? Is the recipient of the gift a male or a female. Often a lot of gifting decisions boil down to what would girls like or what would guys like?

2. What is the age of the gift recipient? Knowing the approximate age of the gift recipient is important in eliminating majority categories of gifts. For example, you would not give your grandmother a soccer ball, that would make no sense at all (unless off course she was emotionally attached to a specific soccer ball).

3. What is the occasion for giving the gift? Why are you gifting the person in the first place? There has to be an occasion for gifting such as a birthday, a wedding, a particular holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Every occasion would have a different idea behind the gift and also you would have to arrange your schedule for the gift according to the occasion.

4. What is your relation to the recipient? Is the recipient your father, brother, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend or just a friend. Answering this will help you find a suitable gift as well.

5. What is your budget for the gift? Determine the amount of money you are willing to spend for the gift and stick to it. Our guide of budget basics will help you stay within the budget.

Once you cover these basic questions, it is time to target the senses of the person which is a little more challenging.

Target the Senses

Knowingly or unknowingly our five senses help us make rather drastic decisions about the things we want or what we don’t want. When you give the gift you want it to target a certain sense organ of the body. For example, getting a dress having a person’s favorite color. Targeting the senses of the gift recipient tells them that you have really thought hard and long about the gift. Answering these questions will help you narrow down a gift to the likes of your loved ones.

Not only that, some of these questions may help you make the ambiance more suitable for your gift giving. For example, knowing the favorite color might help you narrow down a search for a dress, but knowing the persons favorite perfume and music might help you to make the gift more special. How you may ask? Well its simple, when you are giving the gift you would just spray some of that perfume on the dress and play the music when you are about to give the gift.

6. What is the favorite color of the gift recipient/ What colors does the gift recipient dislike? Our eyes play a major role in our senses. The amount of visual data our brain processes is incredible. Colors are detected by the eyes. Most people have a favorite color. Subconsciously we all tend to choose a particular color over others. That being said, there are some people who might not have a particular favorite color but would certainly not be fond of certain specific colors. For example, a boy might prefer the color of his favorite sports team over a color such as baby pink. It must be kept in mind that not just colors but also patterns could play an important role. For example, some people may prefer stripes over checks in a shirt while others may prefer it the other way around.

7. What is the favorite smell of the gift recipient/ What odors does the gift recipient dislike? Our sense of smell has evolved to appreciate certain smells, while certain smells would completely deject us. Knowing which smells the gift recipient likes or which they don’t like will help you close-in sometimes to the appropriate gift. For example, some people might like fruity smells, while some may like floral smells. Such information might help you identify a perfume which the person might like, or it could help you set up the ambiance when you are ready to gift the actual gift.

8. What sounds or music does the gift recipient like/ What songs or music does the gift recipient dislike? In today’s world, music and sound surrounds us. From birds chirping to a particular band playing their most favorite song. A person can like a whole range of audible stimulants. It is important therefore to know what sounds the person likes, and what sounds or music one dislikes. Such information could help you narrow down a musical gift such as a music disc of the gift recipients favorite band, or it would help you set up the ambiance while gifting.

9. What kind of foods does your gift recipient like / What kind of foods does your gift recipient dislike? Foods and taste is a great sense to target. We eat food every day and it is easy to notice what one likes and what one dislikes. The information is easy to gather and will help you with several gift ideas such as planning a dinner, or getting some chocolates. Gifts targeting taste can often be used to supplement other gifts.

10. Are there certain materials your gift recipient likes by touch/ Are there certain materials your gift recipient dislikes by touch? Touch and feel often govern what we like, especially when choosing garments and clothes. What material does your gift recipient like: cotton, silk, velvet, corduroy, denim, fur or leather. This information could help you buy clothes. We use touch not just to feel good, but also for grip. When buying certain accessories such as bags it is good to know the material they like as well.

Know The Recipients Interests

Knowing your gift recipients interests is a great plus in choosing the correct category of gifts. List down the interests and hobbies of the person on the piece of paper where you have answered the above questions. Spending time with your loved ones and talking is a great way to know what they really like.

Keep in mind that with times, certain interests do change and therefore communicating with the person is of utmost importance. Youngsters are most fickle in their interest and you can expect what they are interested in today, they might not be that interested in tomorrow.

We have a list of interests and hobbies which will help you list down the interests of your loved ones. The interests of your loved ones may or may not be on that list, but you should take a note of all the interests which they have.

Know The Recipients Gear

Gifts that supplement an already existing object which the person has are great, as they show that you appreciate the interests of the person as well as you have thought really hard about what to give them. It is therefore important to know what equipments and gear the gift recipient has. To do this learn about the interests and hobbies that the recipient has. For example, if the recipient is a photographer, which camera does he have, what camera lenses does he have. Asking simple questions to the gift recipient will do the following:

  1. Increase your bond with the person
  2. Probably help you attain a new interest
  3. Find out what the gift recipient would really want to supplement the object which he has.

Keep in mind that gear need not imply to just hobbies and interests. Knowing how the person dresses up and asking about the clothes and garments which one wears could help you identify gifts of clothing nature. For example, does the person have a favorite brand of clothing which he or she wears. A cook could use a blender but would probably be wanting some special attachment to make life easier. A person who likes to have photographs on the wall might appreciate a good digital photo frame. Thus it must be kept in mind that the objects which surrounds a person really display what they have and what they want.


After answering these extensive questions you can begin searching for your gifts using our website or the internet in a much more planned way. This list will help you narrow down the perfect gift. Do check out our next section on how to stay on a budget to save yourself some money and utilize your budget to the maximum.

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