Online or In Store: Why Buying Gifts Online Makes More Sense?

In today’s world, more and more stores have their main business being done online. This has proven to be beneficial for both store-owners and for the customer has well. We highlight why it makes more sense for sellers to sell products online and consumers to buy them online as well, and when not to buy a gift online.

Why Store Owners Prefer Selling Online?

Most stores prefer to do their majority of business online. In the earlier days of the internet this was not the case due to lack of security measures. Today however, most websites are built with high security to keep your bank / credit card information safe, making companies switch to an e-commerce model more and more. Sellers prefer to sell their products via online websites because of three reasons:

  1. They do not have to rent out space to own and run a store- This in turn means no electricity bills or lease money to be spent for them. All they have to pay for is warehousing.
  2. They hire fewer people- as online stores do not require employees like physically present stores, the sellers save a lot of money which would have otherwise gone towards hiring and paying employees.
  3. It’s easier to maintain inventory- Having a database of products and number of items online which gets updated continuously in real time gives the sellers a very good idea of inventory and sales allowing them to prepare future products better.

All this leads to better management and lowered costs for the sellers. This allows sellers to offer more competitive prices to their consumers online.

Why Buying Online Makes More Sense?


Due to the reasons mentioned above, the prime reason to buy stuff online would have to be lowered costs. However, most stores do not lower their prices directly online. So you may see the same price marked in store and online. But there are ways you can save money online.

  1. Most online retailers offer coupons which are valid online only. This reduces the prices much more than you would get in store (although not always).
  2. If a product is sold by more than one retailer you can get a more competitive pricing with a few clicks. The convenience of the internet allows you to compare the same products sold from different distributors of the products to obtain the lowest price possible.


Off course the other factors of convenience of shopping from your home is also present, and the ability to get it shipped directly to your door-step is a great bonus too.


Most online retailers also give to option to send the item directly as a gift. So you could directly ship the item you buy online to your loved ones who might be far away from you. There might be additional shipping charges but you might find coupons for free shipping as well.

When Not To Buy Online?

Buying a gift online is not a good idea when:

  1. When you are not sure what you want to get. It might be a good idea to hunt online but a visit to a near by mall might help you see what might be better as well. Asking store keepers their opinions also helps.
  2. When the feel/smell/sound of the gift is important. Remember when you are buying something on the internet, the only sense you can have of that item is the sight of the item. If for your gift the feel, smell or sound is important, checking it out in the store can help you. Your final purchase you could still make online to save money and add coupons. Sometimes, reviews of the products can help you judge the sense of the item as well. But there will be nothing like checking the item when it is in front of you like in a store.
  3. When shipping charges are too high. If you are buying a gift for 15$ and you are paying 5$ for shipping, you might get it for cheaper and quicker from a local store. Always take in to account the shipping charges and any other taxes that might be applied.

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