How to Get a Perfume Gift Within Your Budget?

Most good perfumes are quite expensive and would require you to shell out any where between 50-150$ for a 4-6 oz bottle. However, follow our tips here and you could save a lot of money while buying perfumes. Also check out our basic gift guide to buying perfume gifts to choose the right one.

Here are three tricks you can use to get the best perfume gift within your budget:

1] Perfumes Come in Different Sizes

The fact is simple – smaller bottles of the same perfume will be cheaper, while larger bottles are more expensive. However smaller bottles will have lesser perfume per dollar-value i.e. lesser fl. oz/$; as compared to larger bottles. It is not a bad idea to give a smaller perfume size as the person could get bored of using only one perfume every time. Thus giving smaller perfume bottles would allow them to cycle different perfumes in their use.

2] Always Try to Find Coupons for Perfume Stores

Perfume Gifts Most perfume stores online have special offers or coupons which will bring down the overall cost of perfumes a big deal. At times they might have a discount such as $10 of $50 or above – which would bring down the cost of your purchase significantly. Sales of 20-50% are often there especially on weekends and holidays. Some websites even allow stackable coupons, i.e. you can apply more than one coupon at a time – giving you huge discounts.

Some times these stores also have special sales where they offer buy-one-get-one (BOGO) for a particular price. This type of sale can amount to huge savings and you should always be on the lookout for this sale if you are planning to gift a perfume to anyone. Check out some good deals on perfumes in the links below.

 3] Buy a Gift Set

Buying a gift set will give you more bang for your buck. Since you are planning to a buy a gift – giving a gift set will also look better than just giving an individual bottle. Gift sets often have perfumes along with the same fragrance body wash, or lotions. Gift sets would be slightly more expensive than smaller bottles, but you get a lot more within your budget. The links below would also help you find deals on gift sets.
Check out these deals from some of the popular online perfume stores:

  • Find coupons online and visit for great deals on popular perfumes. We like perfumania in particular because they allow users to stack coupons and get multiple discounts on

If you have any more suggestions please do leave them in the comments section below.

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