Indoor Games and Toys Gift Ideas Under $40 for Boys (Age 8 to 13 years)

Are you looking for some gifting ideas to give a boy who is between 8-13 years old? If your budget is only $40 we can still manage to help you find a good indoor game that will make the kid remember you for life because you got them a wonderful gift. Games are always fun no matter what age kids belong to. However you must chose a game which is appropriate to the age and are still being played by other kids so that the child can be socially active. Games help in the development of intellect and reasoning skills of the child and some amount of play does world’s of good for children.

Here are some of the top indoor game ideas which never grow too old and are always hip. We have a separate list for video game buying ideas coming up.

Note - Make your own suggestions in the comments section below and we will include them in our list.

Lego and Building Games

Building games are useful for building a childs creative mind and helps in the development of a young child to grow into a succesful creator. There is nothing more fun for a child than to create and show-off their creation. These games often have individual pieces which each child  can assemble in a unique manner to portray his or her idea in the form of creation. Check out some of the building games pages on various online stores below:

Lego gift toys for boys aged 8 to 13 under $40

Lego is one of the most popular building toys around and can be a fun game which can keep kids busy for hours or even days. The company has kept children entertained with their toys since 1949. Check out the links below for some lego sets for boys:

  • Lego building sets for boys aged 8 to 13 years old under $40Amazon has over 200 lego sets or pieces ranging from $5 for a single piece to $40 for over 400 piece sets. Make sure to check their “More Buying Choices” to check out other vendors who might be selling the same sets for cheaper to get it within your budget or even save some extra money.

Board Games

Board games for boys age 8 and up for less than 40$

Board games are generally fun for the whole family or even just children and their friends playing together. A lot of creative classic games such as Monopoly teach children how to manage their money and assets. Similar games such as Game of Life also teaches children what different stages of life they will go through. Games like Clue teach children deduction and analytical skills to come to conclusions. Risk is a popular game which teaches children strategy and planning. Scrabbleis a great game which can increase the child’s vocabulary. Also you will find many variations of these games which you can choose based on your budget. Most of these board games are quite inexpensive ranging from 9$ to 40$ and can keep children occupied for many hours. There are many more popular board games which you can browse in the online stores below:

Action Figures

Action Figure toys for boys under $40Young boys just love to play imagine with their action figures. Boys love to be their favorite heroes. With the conversion of many traditional comic book heroes to action movies, today’s children are looking at their favorite heroes in movies rather than just comic books. Action figures can range in price from 5$ to collectibles which can be worth even 500$. We have narrowed the search for you in the links below for figures within your budget of $40:

  • Find the action figure of the character for less than $40: This link will directly take you to a page where you can just type in the name of the character which you feel the boy will be interested in, and it will give you results of the toys which are within your budget of $40. Amazon has a huge list of around 300 characters including popular ones such as the Avengers, Captain America, Batman, Ben 10, Bleach, Bugs Bunny, Daredevil, DragonBall Z, G.I. Joe, Spiderman, Iron Man, Superman and many more.

Racing and Vehicle Toys

Racing and toy vehicles for boys under $40Kids love to build their own race tracks and race their model cars on it. Remote Controlled (RC) Vehicles are also popular for boys to play around the house and help in the development of hand eye coordination as well as basic driving skills. Today not just RC cars but even RC boats, and airplanes are available. On the other hand model cars and racing is also fun. Hot Wheels is a famous car toy manufacturer which makes many such model cars and racing circuits which boys can love to play for hours. The links below should help you find racing and remote controlled vehicles for your boy

Educational Toys and Games

Educational toys and game gifts for boys 8 years and up for less than $40Educational games and toys are an interesting concept whereby toy manufacturers have made interactive games which enhances the knowledge of the children in particular fields. For example you can get toys for electronics, mathematics and counting, geography, science, biology, chemistry, physics, and even archaeology and paleontology. You can even buy toy versions of microscopes and telescopes. All these educational toys will help the boy or girl to learn concepts taught in schools and classes in a much more easier way. The links for all the above subjects will directly take you to Amazon’s list of toys which you can buy. You should also check out the links below for more educational toys and games:


Puzzle games for boys aged 8 years and older for under $40Puzzles are toys which children of all ages find interesting providing it is challenging enough. Puzzle games are useful for the development of a child’s cognitive and assembling skills and they also help develop a child’s patience. Puzzles can keep children occupied for several days before they figure out the solution to the problem. A lot of different types of puzzle games are available for boys aged 8 to 13 years. Popular ones include the Rubiks cube and jigsaw puzzles. The links below will help you find appropriate puzzles within a budget of 40$ or even lower.

Card Games for children age 8 and up for $40 and lowerCard Games

Several card games are out there which are not specific to boys but can be played by the entire family. The most popular one being UNO. Check out the links below for other card games which are available to purchase within 40$:

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