Indoor Games and Toys Gift Ideas Under $40 for Girls (Age 8 to 13 years)

If you have to give a gift to a young girl between the age of 8 to 13 years of age and your budget is 40$, we have some great ideas for gifts that will make the child remember you for ages. A young girl’s mind is very impressionable and the games they play are very dependant on their age. We have tried to identify the following types of games which are mostly played by girls aged  8 to 13. Check out the following gift ideas for girls.

Note - Make your own suggestions in the comments section below and we will include them in our list.

Lego and Building Games

Lego and Building Games for GirlsLego and other building games help in developing the child’s puzzle solving capabilities and allows the child to demonstrate their creativity by creating some beautiful architecture or landscapes using simple building blocks. Hence each creation is unique to the child’s creativity. While building  sets for boys are significantly different from what girls like to play with. Girls like to have more color in their building (often more pink) and also like to create something which is more delicate. Hence the girl’s building games and Lego sets are very different from a boy’s, and you should not make a mistake of giving one the other. Check out the links below to help you choose the best Lego and building sets for under $40.

Dress Up & Pretend Games (Role playing games)

Young girls around the age of 8 and above like to play role playing games or pretend games where they play a particular character with their friends. These dress up games are fuGirls Dress Up Gamesn for girls and at the same time helps build their imagination to another level. By pretending to be famous people from yester years, they also learn a lot of history. Dress up games often require make up and improvisation which helps develop the child’s artistic and creative side. Dress up games for role playing paricular professions such as doctors or nurses develop their inclination to become one when they grow up. Dress up sets can cost anywhere between 10$ to even 100$ for collectible sets. It is also important to have some idea of size of the child if you decide to buy a costume. The list below will help you make  an informed decision of the best dress up gift for a girl within your budget of $40.

Note- For some strange reason the products on are not priced correctly (It shows some costumes for more than $1000) when viewing the category in general. It is advised to click on the item you like and go in to choose the size to see the correct price.

Dolls and Doll Accessories

Barbie and Doll toys for girlsGirls love to play with their dolls. A good doll toy can make a young girl learn how to care for and treat others. At the same time it teaches the child more social skills and develops communication skills as the child is never afraid to talk to her adorable doll. Doll accessories help the child grow her imagination further. By pretending to put her doll in different situations, she will learn how to tackle different scenarios in life. The most famous doll toy around is the brand Barbie which has been around since 1959. A good doll set can cost anywhere between $15 to collectibles which can go up to hundreds of dollars. The following links will help you find the best dolls and doll accessories for you to gift any girl between 8 to 13 years of age for a price less than $40.

Stuffed Toys (Plush Pillows)

stuffed toys and plush animalsYoung girls love their stuffed animals (or soft toys) and plush pillows. In fact some of them have them all the way till they even get married. These cute and cuddly toys give a sense of security to young children and help them develop a caring attitude towards other living beings. A young girls motherly instincts to care for children gets developed finely as they care for these toys. There are literally thousands of soft toys available in this world and the price often goes hand-in-hand with the size of the stuffed toy. The price range starts from $6 all the way to over $200 and can even become a collectible item. The links below will help you get the best plush stuffed toy within $40.

Board Games

Board games for girls age 8 and aboveBoard games are fun and great way to spend time indoors. They are generally entertaining for the whole family or even just children and their friends playing together. A lot of creative classic games such as Scrabble help in increase the child’s vocabulary. Games like the Game of Life also teaches children what different stages of life they will go through. Another fun game Clue teach children deduction and analytical skills to come to conclusions. Risk is a popular game which teaches children strategy and planning. is a great game which can increase the child’s vocabulary. The classic game Monopoly teaches children how to manage their money and assets. They even have a girls version of this called Princess-Opoly. These games play an important role in the development of basic understanding of many things in life and can make excellent gifts for girls age 8 and above.

Art and Craft Games

Arts and Craft toys for girls age 8 and aboveArt and crafts are an essential study in the life of any children. It teaches children how to view and appreciate life around us and brings out the creativity of the child’s imagination. More than a game, this hobby is widely used by children as a pass time for many hours. Girls love to play art and craft games in order to bring out their designer ideas be it in the form of fashion designing, face painting or in the form of patterns of art work. Check out the sets below for art and craft gifts for under $40.

Educational Toys and Games

Educational and learning games for girls age 8 and aboveEducational games and toys enhance any childs knowledge on specific subjects. For example you can get games for electronics, mathematics and counting, geography, science, biology, chemistry, physics, and even archaeology and paleontology. You can even buy toy versions of microscopes and telescopes which are nearly as good as real ones used by scientists in some cases. All these educational toys will help the boy or girl to learn concepts taught in schools and classes in a much more easier way and could also possibly help the child find his or her career. The links for all the above subjects will directly take you to Amazon’s list of toys which you can buy. You should also check out the links below for more educational toys and games:


Puzzle games for girlsPuzzles are fun games which challenge young children’s minds towards increasing their cognitive skills and logic. A difficult enough puzzle can keep the child occupied for several hours or even days before they can completely solve it. A variety of different puzzle games are available for kids age 8 – 13 years. Most of them are available for under $40. The links below will guide you better to your budget gift.

Card Games

Card Games for children age 8 and up for $40 and lowerSeveral card games are out there which are not specific to boys or girls but can be played by the entire family. The most popular one being UNO. Check out the links below for other card games which are available to purchase within 40$:

So there you have it, you should be able to buy a gift for a young girl using these gift ideas we have shared. Leave us your ideas, thoughts or feedback in the comments section below.



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