List of Personalized Gift Ideas for Weddings

Getting a gift for a wedding can be challenging and it often requires careful thought as you are not just giving a gift to one person, but to the couple as a whole.

When giving a newly wed couple a wedding gift it is always better to give a personalized wedding gift where you write your message on it so that they remember you.

Here are 10 personalized wedding gift ideas that will help you find the best gift you are looking for.

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Wedding Gift Ideas

1. Wedding Frames, Albums, Photo Gifts

Wedding Frames and Wedding AlbumsPhoto frames and photo albums are timeless gifts which can store memories for years to come. Wedding frames and wedding albums can be a perfect gift for couple of newly weds and is one of the most popular gift given to couples so that they can begin decorating their new homes and lives. However, beware, because it is such a popular gift, there could be a chance that your idea might also be replicated by others and hence your gift would not be unique. Still you could always personalize the wedding frame or wedding album with some of your own words which can be etched into the gift forever.

It is also a good idea to have a picture of the couple to put into the wedding frame or wedding album rather than having it blank or having some model photos in them.

Another idea is to take photos and convert them into canvas art, throws or pillow covers. You can also create photo collage of the couple and frame it as a gift. We have some more ideas below so check out the full article.

2. Drinkware Sets and Crystal Gifts

Drinkware and Crystal SetsYoung couples love to enjoy a good glass of wine or liquor together. Giving them a drinkware set or crystal set will make them remember you whenever they consume any beverage. Personalize it with your own message and you will never be forgotten. Drinkware sets such as wine glasses, shot glasses, champagne glasses (also known as flutes), decanters and flasks are top-notch wedding gift popular in western culture.

However, if you plan on giving a drinkware set make sure that the couple consumes alcohol, otherwise the gift will probably just land on some shelf as a show-piece. Keep in mind that some religions do not permit the consumption of alcohol and it may be considered taboo to give a drinkware set as a wedding gift. In such cases, getting personalized coffee mugs, espresso or tea sets might be a better option as well.

3. Wedding Throws, Blankets, Pillows, Towels and Handkerchiefs

Wedding throws, blankets, pillows, towels and handkerciefs.Personalized throws, blankets, pillows, towels and handkerchiefs are great gifts for a newly wed couple to keep warm and comfortable. You can give these with either a message on it or you could even put a photograph on these to personalize it and make the gift unforgettable.

Try to avoid putting your own photo or some other photo on these and just put the couple’s photo with a message on it. You could also print a picture which could remind the couple of a particular time in their life.

4. Wedding Clocks

Wedding ClocksWedding clocks are basically personalized clocks, that can be useful to the young couple to decorate their home. Wedding clocks come in a variety of materials including metal, wood and even glass or crystal.

These can often be personalized with a message etched on them. Alternatively you can also find clocks attached to photo frames which can accommodate a photo of the couple to personalize it more.

Make sure that you buy wedding clocks from a well reputed store, as you would not want the clock to stop working in a few months, and rather last a long time.

5. Heritage Trees or Family Trees

Heritage trees or family treesThis is a very recent concept which we love. heritage trees or family trees is basically a home decor item which looks like a tree, on which you can put photos of your relatives and loved ones on the different branches to be reminded of your lineage and relationships.

This is a perfect personalized gift for someone with a large family to be reminded of everyone who loves them. These trees can be personalized with a small engraving on it with a personal message.

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6. Vases and Floral Arrangements

Vases and Floral ArrangementsA vase with a floral arrangement can be a pleasant gift for a newly wed couple. This home decor item is often made of glass or porcelain, and can be personalized with a message etched onto it.

You can further enhance the look of this gift by adding some artificial flowers in a pretty floral arrangement so that the couple does not have to always go through the trouble of getting fresh flowers.

Try to see if you know a special flower with which the couple relates to during a special time in their life.

7. 3D Photo Crystals

3D Photo Crystal wedding giftsA new concept which has come out in the early 2,000s is the concept of 3D photos which can be etched in glass using lasers.

Most gifting websites offer you to upload a personalized high resolution photo which they will then etch into the glass to make a personalized 3D photo crystal wedding gift.

However, keep in mind that this does not come cheap. The starting range for a 3D photo crystal is 100$ for just a 4″ slab of crystal and can go up to $300. Also you must have a high resolution photograph of the couple to put into the crystal.

8. Wedding Globes

Wedding Photo GlobeWedding globes are small home decor gifts which are like a fancy photo frame. These water globes can often hold a photograph and also have a small personal message etched on to a metal plate at the bottom. Most globes when shaken create a snowfall like effect giving it a very pretty appearance.

Photo globes make great gifts not just for weddings but also for the first anniversary of the couple – where you could put in their favorite wedding photo. If you have a photo of the couple this would make a perfect budget gift for them and their new lives together.

9. Personalized Storage Boxes

Wedding Gift Personalized Storage BoxStorage boxes are essential to any young couple to keep their most treasured items inside. Gifting a personalized storage box for a wedding is a good idea.

Storage boxes can be personalized with photographs and a message on it to remind the couple of your wonderful gift whenever they put anything they treasure inside it.

Photo storage boxes are not that expensive and can also make useful budget wedding gifts.

10. Personalized Dining Ware

Dining WarePersonalized dining ware can be a useful and memorable gift for newly married couple. However this gift is not that popular but is a good idea.

Dining ware can be either in the form of personalized cuttlery where you could engrave a message on the silverware, or it could be in the form of printed crockery where you could print either photos or messages on to pieces of crockery such as a platter.

Personalized platters are also good gifts for Christmas and other holidays. Check out Lenox for some personalized dining ware ideas.

So that completes our best personalized wedding gift ideas list. If you have any more wedding gift ideas or suggestions do  let us know in the comments section below.

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