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Photography has picked up as a good hobby for many people thanks to advances in technology in the last decade. There is a high probability that you would know someone who is either already having a digital SLR (DSLR) camera, or who is really keen on photography as a hobby. With the advance of technology, prices for these high quality equipment have fallen and a lot of people are willing to take up photography as a hobby. Here are some basic gift ideas for the photographer you know.

A few things you should keep in mind before you go out to purchase a gift for a photographer:

  1. gifts for photographerDo they have a camera and if yes- then what kind of camera is it? It is very important to know stuff about the person you are giving the gift. Knowing what kind of gear they have or don’t have, will let you know what they would possibly need or want. Find out if and what kind of camera they have, the brand and the model number. Do they have a DSLR, a point and shoot or a compact system camera. Buying camera equipment you have to keep in mind the compatibility of your gift with their gear.
  2. If they have a DSLR or a compact system camera, what kind of lenses do they have? Today, most advanced photography equipment comes with interchangeable lenses. Interchangeable lenses allow photographers to get specific type of photography done. For example, a landscape photographer would use a different type of lens, as compared to a portrait photographer. Knowing what the gift recipient has will allow you to get something that will expand their horizon in photography.
  3. What kind of accessories do they have? Most photography enthusiasts will have some start up accessories such as memory cards, camera bag, tripod, flashes etc. Find out what kind of accessories they have, which will give you an idea of what kind of accessories they would need. Accessories make great budget gifts for photographers.

So, once you answer the above questions take a look at the options below to buy the best gifts for photographers.

New Camera/Camera Body

Camera BodyThe camera or camera body is the main component of the modern day camera. Point and shoot cameras are generally cheap and you can get a reasonable point and shoot camera for around $100. But for the hobbyist photographer who is trying to get a little more serious, a DSLR or a compact system camera would be more ideal. These would be quite expensive with the cheapest bodies coming around $400. If the person you are buying the gift for does not have the lenses for such camera, it would be better to get a kit with at least one lens, as the camera would need a lens to work.

New Lenses for DSLR / Compact System Cameras

camera lensIf the photographer you know already has a DSLR or a compact system camera, the next best gift to give them would be a lens for their camera. These cameras come with interchangeable lens, with specific lenses having specific functions. Therefore to buy a lens, it is important to have some understanding of the types of lenses out there. Make sure the lens you buy can fit the camera type which the gift recipient has. Find Camera Lenses Here.

Accessories for Photography

Photography is a highly accessorized hobby/profession. There are many accessories which one can buy as a gift for a photographer, without having expertise in the field. Additionally, these accessories can range from under 10$ to over a thousand dollars. Below are some accessories available for photographers.

- Memory

memoryA photographer always needs place to store the photographs. In the digital era, memory comes relatively cheap and can make for an inexpensive gift for the photographer you know. You can either get memory cards which could fit the specific camera which the photographer has, or you can get an external hard drive for the photographer to store all their photos. The newer trend is to set up a personal cloud storage space also known as network attached storage. Check out these Memory Cards and External Hard Drives and Personal Cloud Storage options.

- Bags, Cases and Camera Straps

camera bagMost amateur and professional photographers have a growing collection of photography equipment which they need to carry around. Therefore, bags and cases for photography equipment and cameras make a great gift for them. Check out these Photography Bags and Cases which can make great budget gifts. Also cameras can get pretty heavy so even new camera straps are appreciated. Check out some camera straps.

- Lens Filters

lens filter and add onsA cheap way to modify or enhance the function of a lens is by the use of filters. A number of different types of lens filters exists which can help a photographer capture the perfect moment. Such filters also come in sets and can make a great inexpensive gift.

- Batteries and Chargers

camera bodyIt is always a good idea to have spare batteries for any photographer, and over time chargers can also get spoilt. Gifting backup batteries or a spare charger is also a good idea. Although you must make sure that the batteries and charger is compatible with the camera they own. Find Camera Batteries and Chargers Here.

- Tripods and Stability Equipment

tripodEvery photographer knows the importance of stability while handling a camera or lighting equipment. Tripods and monopods offer a great way for photographers to maintain stability to get blur-free photos. Check out some good Tripods and Monopods here.

- Lighting and Flash

flashExternal (i.e. not attached to the camera) flash and lighting kits are a good tool for any photographer who is getting slightly serious with this hobby. Lighting accessories and flash kits allow photographers to achieve effects which would not be possible otherwise. Lighting accessories and flash tools range in price from anywhere between 50$ to thousands of $. But even a cheap 70$ external flash is better than having no external flash.

- Printers and Frames

Photo FramesEvery photographer likes to finally see at least some of their photos printed out on paper. You can always gift a photographer a photo printer which can be used by them to print their photos. However, good quality photo printers would cost more than 100$ making it an expensive gift. Check out some photo printers. You can also gift them photo frames or even collage frames for their photographs. Check out some good photo frames.

- Software/Apps

photography softwareIn the world of digital photography, the softwares are like the darkrooms where the photographer can develop his photos. Photography softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Corel PaintShop Pro, can make great gifts for the budding photographer. Keep in mind however, newer versions of some of these software come in a subscription based service. Find some photography software.

If you feel we have missed out on any gift ideas, do let us know in the comments section below.

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