Gifts for all Sports Lovers

Sports is and has been one of the favorite activities for generations. Almost everyone likes some sports or the other and therefore giving someone a sports gift is relatively easy. There are a few important things to research about your loved one with respect to sports, before you start picking out gifts for them. You can ask the following questions in casual conversation to know about the type of gift you should buy:

  1. Which is their favorite sport?- The list of sports is a long one, but try to find out what is their favorite sport which they either follow or play themselves.
  2. Do they like a particular player &/or team?- Identifying a favorite player or team will increase the options of gifts you can buy, and it will make the gift more special because you have tried to relate with their likes and dislikes. Do not ever buy a gift for player or team they hate- if you do not know either ask who is their favorite, or give them a neutral gift.
  3. Do they themselves play the sport?- Young gift recipients may themselves be playing the sport they like, however older people may no longer play but just support the team/player they like. It is therefore important to know the state of the sports lover to give an appropriate gift.

Based on these answers, try to identify possible gifts from the possibilities below, and do leave your choices in the comments section below for others.

Sports Collectibles

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Sports collectibles make an excellent gift for any sports fan. You can find many autographed sports equipment and clothing on the internet which will be appreciated by sports lovers. However, make sure you get the collectible of the sport, team and player that the person likes.

You can find Sports Collectibles at by Clicking Here

Sport collectibles are generally pretty expensive gifts ranging from 50$ to thousands of dollars, so make sure you can fit them within your budget, else you can definitely get something good by looking at your other options below.

Tickets to Sporting Events

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People have loved watching sports ever since the Roman Empire, when the Colosseums would get filled with fans for the gladiators. Every sports lover likes to watch the games live in the stadiums and arenas, and see their stars in person. Gifting sports fans tickets to a sporting event will be greatly appreciated. Before you buy tickets keep the following things in mind:

  1. Buy tickets to games which are at least 20 days away- This will allow the gift recipient to make appropriate arrangements for the game.
  2. Buy tickets to an event which is followed by the gift recipient- do not buy just some random tickets, buy tickets where the person receiving the gift will be able to see his/her favorites.
  3. Buy at least 2 tickets- No one likes to go to a game alone. Gifting two tickets will make the gift recipients more memorable as he will be able to take someone with.

Sports events tickets also have ranges, although they can start out relatively cheap ($20) and go upwards. Check out the following websites to buy tickets to sporting events online:

Sports DVDs, Books and Other Memorabilia

There has always been a particular match, season, team or player which sports fans will remember forever. Gifting someone a sports DVD or books about such memorable sports characters or events can be a great idea. These can be regarded as collectibles as well- but since they are not autographed/personalized they are relatively not as expensive and can fit in anyone’s budget. Check out the links below to find some sports DVDs, books and other memorablia for your sports fan.

Official Sports Fan Equipment

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If the sport lover you know loves watching a team or player play, then getting official sports fan equipment might be a great gift as well. Getting an official team jersey, or some other branded apparel, or even branded cups and key chains is a good gifting idea. Depending on what you buy, the official sports fan equipment can be a from 10-200$. This gives you a flexible range to find something within your budget.

General Sports Equipment and Gear

For sports lovers who still continue to play sports, you can always gift some sports gear. Be it a ball, a bat, some new shoes, or other sporting gear. But in order to buy sporting gear, make sure there is a need for the person to get that gift, and additionally make sure you buy a good product. No sports player likes to get cheap knock offs which break upon a few uses or are not comfortable. Read the reviews of the products before you buy. You can find some good sports gear in the links below:

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