Funny T-Shirts for Him or for Her: Gift of the Week September 29 2014

It is always fun to have a t-shirt with something funny written on it. Funny t-shirts make a great gift for him or her, and we bring you a great deal to get funny t-shirts with huge discounts from mental_floss store. You will save up to 40% on all t-shirt orders. Remember to add the coupon code AFF20 below to your cart before checking out.

Below are some of the most popular mental floss t-shirts we have selected to make it easier for you to find the perfect funny tees.

Heavy Metals T-Shirt

The heavy metals T-Shirt shows a comical rock band of lead and zinc which are chemically heavy metals. This would make the perfect gift for someone who is into chemistry or sciences. The t-shirt comes in a black color for 24.99$, but with the coupon code above you could get it for 14.99$.


Pi Be Rational T-Shirt

iconiconA funny t-shirt for the mathematics whiz you know. This t-shirt has a cartoon “pi” telling the root of -1 to get real, while the root of -1 tells him to be rational. This is a great gift for anyone who is good at mathematics. The base color of the t-shirt is grey and is for 24.99$, however, with the coupon above you could get it for 14.99$.


Ship Happens T-Shirt

icon iconThis t-shirt portrays that bad things can happen in the form of a sinking ship and the phrase “Ship Happens” instead of “Sh*t Happens” so as to be politically correct. This is a great gift to give someone who is recovering from some loss if the person enjoys light humor. The base color of the t-shirt is dark blue and like the others with the coupon code you can get these for 14.99$.

Dodgeball T-Shirt

iconThis t-shirt compares the sport dodgeball to stone throwing as a punishment observed in fairy tales against witches. It is perfect t-shirt for those who are not into sports as they will be able to relate with it. The base color for this t-shirt is red and will be available for 14.99$ using the coupon code above.

Let us know what you think of our gift of the week idea in the comments section below and share this deal with others as well.

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