Gift of the Week September 8 2014: NFL Tickets

The new football season just kicked off last week and you can still get tickets for really low prices for the sports fans you know. There is nothing better than to watch the game live in the stadium. You can get tickets for as low as 30$ to as high as 400$, depending upon the seats and the teams which are playing.

Note- Make sure that the person receiving the NFL tickets is a fan of one of the teams playing. Also it is a good idea to get tickets for games which are locally accessible, so the gift recipient does not have to travel far. This is a good time to get tickets for games as the tickets are still available for games, so do check them out quickly to get the best seats for lowest possible prices.

If you are buying tickets to a game, most of these tickets are according to section. In football, seats closer to the 50-yard line (center of the field) are more expensive and better than seats at the end zones (ends of the field). Likewise, seats at the lower level (closer to the field) are more expensive and better than seats at the higher levels. So in general, try to buy seats which are closer to the center of the field and at the lower level sections within your budget.

Stadium seats for NFL games

Stadium seats for NFL games

Check out the following websites to find good deals on NFL tickets for the 2014-15 season:

It is best to compare all the websites above for the game you choose before you decide to buy. Also keep in mind to use any coupon codes available.

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