Philips Norelco Men’s Shavers- Gift of the Week September 15 2014

Slowly and steadily, most men are moving over to electric shavers. The ease of use and convenience of electric shavers is slowly over powering the conventional razors, and none so much as the Philips Norelco Men’s Electric Shavers. Philips has pioneered in engineering new electric shavers which give as close a shave as ever, while also being safe and easy to use.

This week we bring you coupon deals on Amazon for Philips Norelco Men’s Electric Shavers which will help you get an electric shaver within your budget. These deals will help you save anywhere between 5$-30$ on your  gift for the man you know. Keep in mind that there are trimmers available as well for those who do not shave but only trim their beards.

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Philips Norelco Electric ShaverHow the Philips Norelco Shavers work?

Most Norelco shavers are rotary shavers. These machines can capture small hair as you move the shaver over your face in circular motions. Once these hairs enter the shaver’s openings, they are cut off with a sharp blade. This way, the blade never comes in contact with skin and thus prevents any chances of cuts.

The earlier electric shaver models could only be used in dry conditions, however, the newer models can be used in wet conditions as well – allowing you to get a more comfortable shave.

Who Should Use the Norelco Shavers & How it Compares to Conventional Shaving?

mens-norelco-shaverThe Norelco shavers are excellent for men as it is best for thick hair. In comparison to conventional shaving, the Norelco shavers offer the following advantages:

  • Lesser chances of cuts as blades are not in contact with skin
  • More convenience
  • Lesser need for changing blades (hence cheaper)
  • Optional need for shaving foam/ cream (hence cheaper)

As can be seen from above, the Norelco shavers offer significant advantages over conventional shaving.

It is important to note however, for some people, the skin takes time to get used to electric shaving – so it is best to use it for a couple of weeks before thinking that it is not working for you. The only area in which the electric shavers suffers is when you shave after a long period of time. In such conditions, you would first need to trim the beard and then shave so as to minimize irritation. On the longer run, once the user will get used to the electric shaving, they would rarely want to go back.

Norelco shavers cost anywhere between 35$-225$, but even the average shavers (around 50$-60$) are quite good. In most cases the blades in these shavers do not need to be replaced for a year thus giving additional cost advantage. All these benefits make the Philips Norelco shavers a great budget gift for the man you know.

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