Click & Grow: Gift of the Week 20th October 2014

shg_1This week we look at a great gift idea by Click & Grow, which allows people to grow plants indoors using latest technology. This would make a great budget gift for people who like to garden or in general appreciate freshly grown produce or flowers, but are too busy to keep a regular check on their garden. The simple white scandinavian design, makes it an excellent gift for any home.

Click & Grow has two products:

Smart Herb Garden Smartpot

What Makes Click & Grow Products Unique?

Click & Grow products like the Smart Herb Garden and Smart Pot utilize NASA inspired technology to grow plants under optimal conditions, so that they yield good produce and higher nutritional value. To do so they have optimized the following:

  1. cg-soilNASA inspired Smart Soil: The soil used in the Click & Grow products, is not your traditional soil. It is a nano material growth medium which ensures superior aeration and water retention. This is the heart of every Click & Grow product.
  2. Computer controlled irrigation system: Both the Smart Herb Garden and the Smart Pot systems have computer controlled irrigation systems. This means that the pot controls the amount of water the plant gets automatically. You just have to fill up the water tank once and it will take care of the rest. The sensors will also let you know if the tank is empty so that you can refill it.
  3. more_lamp1Artificial lighting:  The Smart Herb Garden uses a 6W LED powered lighting which provides the plant with 10,000 lux of light which is required for optimal plant growth. The Smartpot does not come with its own lighting, but you can buy the accessory germination lamps as well.
  4. Hi-tech dual coated fertilizers: This revolutionary technology provides plants with optimal nutrients depending on the temperature of the room and the growth phase of the plant.

The bottom line, Click & Grow’s Smart Herb Garden and Smartpots will allow anyone to grow plants they love in their home, in an effortless manner. The software controlled setup will take care of all optimization so that you can enjoy watching your produce grow.

The Click & Grow Smartpot is priced at around 80$, with refills costing around 20$. While the Click & GrowSmart Herb Garden is priced just under $100, with refills below $10.

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